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[23 Jun 2007|02:45pm]
My boyfriend is staying at his family's beach house for the weekend.

I woke up at noon, ate 2 Little Debbie snack cakes, bought some booze, blew a fuse in my apartment (that cant be fixed until Monday), and I have to work tonight.

I wont be going out drinking with some people from work. My friend, Sarah, wants to bring her husband, and we'd be going with a group of guys who are customers at our bar. Nick says one of those guys has a weak handshake, and he doesnt know about him, so he'd prefer I didnt go. Which, now that I re-read that, it sounds really ridiculous.

I just kinda feel like having a quiet night. True.
5 X the violence.

[17 Jun 2007|07:10pm]
You could definitly develope some sort of habit (or problem) from bartending. At my bar, we are alowed to take 3 shots in one shift, also one free shift drink, after clocking out, and depending who is bartending after you, you may not have to pay for any further drinks.

I usually dont overdo it, but shit.
4 X the violence.

update [08 Jun 2007|04:01pm]
+ Ive been bartending.
+ I found something Im good at.
+ I bought a laptop.
+ I have a huge vegetable garden.

- Nick totalled the van.
- I might need to find another apt.
- I work overtime, and it blows.
- Getting in shape is hard.

Ive been asking Nick to take me to this really nice italian resturaunt for weeks. I clipped a review out of a connecticut nightlife magazine, and posted them all over the apartment. One is strategically placed at a 6'1 eye level avove the toilet.

We have 7:30 reservations.
5 X the violence.

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